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The finest and most efficient track cleaner for large-scale model railroading. The only track cleaner that cleans the entire rail head profile, not just the flat, top area. The trains pick up most of their power from the rounded edges of the inner rail head and this unit cleans that area as well.

This larger version of our world famous Brite-Blok track cleaner that originally fit either Bachmann or aristo-craft bobber cabooses or 2 axle cars now has been re-engineered to fit any standard 40 foot boxcar or reefer made by LGB, USA trains, aristo-craft and some other brands.

Follow the photos to show how easy it is to install on the car of your choice.  First as in photo 3 position the Brite-Blok 1/4″ from the inside wheels on either end of the car—choose the end with the least under body detailing as possibly some may be removed for clearance.  Mark the sides of the car in line with the steel pin position and then transfer that mark to the center of the car between the center beams and drill a 3/16″ hole there and repeat that for the other end as shown in picture 5.

Insert the steel pins through the holes in the bottom of the car and secure in place with the small rubber tubing supplied.  This tubing prevents the Brite-Blok from falling off the car when you lift it off the tracks as shown in picture 6.  The Brite-Blok comes in a gray cast color and with a mark-a-lot you can make the side black so it is hardly noticeable as in picture 9.

Each is supplied with 2 extra cleaning pads.  We attach ours with a few small drops of super glue or acc.  Contact cement works as well. We use the Brite-Blok exclusively on our 450ft outdoor railroad and have never had to clean any track by hand since installation!

Fully compatible with all #1 gauge, large scale/g scale trains and accessories such as USA trains, Bachmann, Aristo-craft, Accucraft, Hartland, LGB, aster, etc…


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